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S.T.Douglas Transport Ltd fosters long-term relationships.

The company was originally established in 1955 as a single owner-driver removals firm, S.T. Douglas Reliable Removals & Storage, taking its name from founder Sydney Thomas Douglas. We have grown progressively over the years, and now specialise in nationwide container shipping.

The family-run business, which sees Roy (who is Sydney Thomas’ son) currently in place as managing director, supplies vehicles predominantly for two main customers for the collection and delivery of shipping containers across the UK. We employ nine drivers in-house and have nine modern forty-four tonne articulated vehicles. These usually pull our nine 20-40ft sliding skeletal trailers, although one of our customers does from time to time ask us to drop off our skeletal trailers and pull their curtain-sided, fridge, box or flat trailers when work volumes change. It doesn’t matter what the tractor unit is pulling as long as the driver and unit are working!

The company became involved with the container shipping industry around ten years ago when we looked to diversify following a period of stagnation in the general haulage sector. The market was becoming increasingly competitive, with prices being driven down. However, the container shipping industry was booming so we gravitated towards this sector, a move which has proven wholly successful.

Craig Douglas, Roy’s son, joined the company in 1987, working his way up to his current position of director and transport manager. With the backbone of the company remaining part of the Douglas family, the work ethic, based on honesty and commitment to the customer established when Sydney Thomas Douglas set up the company, has remained inherent in everything that we do.

“We’ve all come in from an early age and worked progressively up”, says Craig. “We are a family run business, with my mother Helen (company secretary) and cousin Andrew (HGV driver) also part of the company. The work ethic has been passed from generation to generation.

“We are proud of the work that we have done, and committed to delivering those high standards year on year. We present ourselves in the right way making sure that the vehicles are well maintained to meet the high standard of VOSA, and that our customers’ goods arrive on time.

“Again we are particularly proud of our ability to do the job well with honesty underpinning the service. If there’s ever a problem we try to rectify it in a timely fashion. If a vehicle breaks down, we supply another. We will rent one in if necessary. We will also upgrade the vehicle if a like-for-like is not available without any additional cost to the customer. We will always get another vehicle on the road to complete the job.”

As a family business with family values, we pride ourselves in being honest and open with our clients. This is paramount to the way we do business, and can also include allowing a client to track the vehicle doing their work via the Competitive Tracking system. This is totally free of charge to the client as it is a standard feature of our Competitive Tracking supplier.

S.T. Douglas Transport Ltd is a proud and dedicated transport business. Having operated in the industry for over fifty-five years, we have the experience our customers desire to ensure that their goods are delivered safely and on time. Our drivers are carefully selected, groomed into the company way of operation and given full training, and this ensures that they always make a very good impression upon our customers.

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